Lifetime & Exchange

Lifetime & Exchange

Know Our Lifetime & Exchange Policy

In case you have a change of heart and wish to return the product to us after the expiry of Easy Returns and Exchange Policy, we’ll happily exchange it for you or offer you a refund on the basis of the current market value of all the materials used in the product.

No making charges/ stamping charges/ design charges will be refunded or exchanged for.

What are the conditions for the Policy?

The product should be MCJ hallmarked with Original Product Certificate and Bills. In case the customer cannot produce the original certificate, we will send the product to the Lab for testing before processing request. The shipping cost and the cost of re-certification shall be borne by the customer.

Lifetime Warranty

If the product is MCJ hallmarked  with Original Product Certificate and Bills then, we offer cleaning & polishing services, stone tightening and other repair services which enhance the life of the jewellery

Repair service if required is minimum chargeable and the Customer will have to bear the cost of any extra material (Gold or Diamond), if applicable, required to complete the service request.